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Learn by hands-on design, development and deployment of real-life web, mobile and IoT projects in AWS, Azure and GCP.

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We provide vetted remote developers in any stack, DevOps & Cloud(AWS, Azure & GCP) engineers for companies in Africa USA Canada UK Europe

Hire Vetted Tech Talents

Build faster with vetted remote Software Developers, DevOps, and Cloud engineering talents to help your business scale quickly and cost-effectively with the perfect blend of expertise, technology, and innovation offered by NVIT's Tech Farm.

NVIT also offers IT Consulting services in the aspect of Digital Product Solution Architecture, Software Development, and Cloud and DevOps Engineering for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

NVIT Collaboration Strategies

Our focus on robust collaboration and communication throughout the entire project lifecycle is key to success.

Talent Boost

Benefit from NVIT’s rigorously assessed, first-rate technical specialists to bolster your workforce by integrating your team with seasoned professionals. Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that we provide highly skilled experts with extensive experience and knowledge in their respective fields.  

Committed Team

Engage meticulously evaluated dedicated developers & DevOps/Cloud Engineers, ensuring scalable results tailored to your project’s needs. Our team of Engineers, renowned for their expertise and commitment, is readily accessible 24/7 a week, providing continuous support and assistance to help you achieve your objectives.

Set-Price Projects

Develop your products from scratch, utilizing our rigorously screened, proficient, and talented Solution Architects, Developers/Software Engineers, DevOps/Cloud Engineers, and more, all while adhering to a pre-established budget for the entire project.


Tech Farm Equity:

Through the equity or revenue-sharing model, NVIT delivers all-encompassing technical support, including design, development, and DevOps & infrastructure services, enabling clients to focus on business growth. In exchange, NVIT obtains either an X% equity stake or a 50% share of end-user fees. The company then signs a binding agreement with NVIT’s Tech Farm to solidify the partnership.

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Our Professional Services

NVIT offers cost-effective and reliable IT services to individuals and businesses. We are advisors, software developers, DevOps, cloud engineers, and designers solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions

Cloud Readiness-Assessment Advisory & Digital Engineering

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Infra Design and AWS, Azure & GCP Cloud Implementation

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DevOps & Cloud Deployment As-A-Service

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Kubernetes & Docker Implementation & Workload Migration to AWS, Azure & GCP

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Product (Web, Mobile/IoT, AR, VR, RPA)  Development, Integration & Application Modernization

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24/7 Application Support, Cloud Infra & Software Rapid Response Support

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Digital Transformation, Product Design & Discovery, MVPs, UI/UX Design

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Dedicated Engineering Resource Augmentation

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Our Products

We offer the best products on a single platform.

NVITer is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that combines EdTech, outsourcing, and collaboration features. It offers various modules such as Learning Management System (LMS), Document & Content Management (DCM), Asset Management & Control (AMC), Collaboration, Finance, Project Management (PM), Authentication & Authorization Center (AAC), and Integration.

The NVITer modules are designed to cater to our target users’ specific needs, including academy managers, teachers, students, and partner companies. They have been developed as separate modules and integrated seamlessly to ensure effective collaboration at different stages.

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EdLinkERP is a modern technology-based School Management Platform that is designed to meet the needs of all critical education stakeholders in Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools, universities, Polytechnics, and colleges. The platform is highly customizable and provides a unified solution for various processes, including lecturers, students, prospective students, alumni, graduates’ certificates and transcripts, and regulatory bodies.

With EdLinkERP, institutional processes are automated, resulting in increased efficiency and improved digital culture for students. The platform also incorporates a next-generation digital identity feature, allowing students to receive their certificates, such as results, graduation certificates, and transcripts, via smartphone and web applications.


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iDeyCu is our premier Video Surveillance as-a-Service solution that uses cutting-edge technology to connect cameras to the cloud. This provides users with live video feeds from remote locations where critical assets require surveillance. With iDeyCu, users can monitor and receive notifications from the motion detector, which includes video analysis features capable of recognizing license plate numbers, human faces and counting visitors.

Additionally, iDeyCu enables users to manage alerts, record and store videos, remotely view footage, ensure cyber security, and replay security footage directly from the cloud, regardless of location. This solution is ideal for site managers, security operators, and operations staff who must make quick decisions, especially from remote areas.

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PayMoor is a robust micropayment wallet platform and real-time payment switch that aims to enhance financial inclusion and promote a cashless economy. It is an innovative micropayment solution designed to simplify financial transactions and foster a sense of community among users.

With PayMoor, end-users, small and large businesses, banks, and third-party applications have access to a wide range of financial transaction use cases through out-of-the-box financial interfaces. These interfaces can be reused and extended via PayMoor’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which make integration seamless.

PayMoor’s Core wallet platform, Quick and immediate payment processing switch, and Backend integration switch are significant application components that enable the platform to function efficiently. Overall, PayMoor is a user-friendly and community-focused solution that aims to revolutionize micropayments.

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iYaaWu is a tech platform that provides national coverage for travel needs, primarily developed for transport businesses to ensure compliance and facilitate the transition from paper reporting to pre-arrival electronic data transmission. The platform features an integrated national manifest and ticketing system, making it a comprehensive passenger manifest, safety, and security platform for transporters in Nigeria.

iYaaWu is capable of onboarding various modes of transportation and ensures the proper documentation of passengers’ basic information. This documentation is critical for providing security and medical support when necessary, and it also allows families to track the movement of their loved ones who are traveling.

With iYaaWu, transport companies can easily communicate their pre-arrival information online and track their vehicle location, among other features. Overall, iYaaWu is a convenient and efficient platform that enhances the travel experience for both transporters and passengers.

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NVIT MeetNow is a teacher-designed virtual classroom platform that enhances online learning by focusing on four key foundations: management, relationships, engagement, and assessment. Catering to instructors and students, NVIT MeetNow supports various use cases, such as tutoring, flipped classrooms, group collaboration, and full online classes. Instructors can effectively engage students with features like multi-user whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat, polling, shared notes, and emojis.

In our research, there are four key foundations of an effective virtual class: management, relationships, engagement, and assessment. From the instructor’s point of view, the use cases are Management – Setup and manage the virtual classroom for success. Relationships – Establish presence and trust with and between students. Engagement – Effectively engage and activate their minds for learning. Assessment – Assess the progress of students and give timely feedback.

We can set up NVIT MeetNow for your school or company within 24 hours to 7 days, depending on your use case.

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