Bridging the cloud skills gap with diverse talent pool. As cloud migration has accelerated, so has the demand for IT and cloud talent

AWS re/Start Cloud  Engineering

AWS re/Start Cloud Engineering

AWS re/Start is a cohort-based hands-on labs, using real world scenarios instructor-led sessions, learners build Linux, Python, networking, security, database, automation, and core AWS Cloud skills for entry to mid-level cloud roles. A tech background is not required to apply. The program is free to the learner and focused on helping unemployed or underemployed individuals launching a new career. AWS is in collaboration with NVIT to support underrepresented groups, minorities, displaced individuals, young people. Free by AWS.


AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skills development program to jump-start your career in cloud computing. A technology background is not required to apply and the program is focused on unemployed and underemployed individuals.

AWS re/Start and NVIT Nigeria have teamed up to offer this free, In- Person and online program. Through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, learners gain the skills they need for an entry-level cloud role. You’ll learn all you need to be successful in a cloud technology career – from the coding languages & technical knowledge of cloud computing to the employment skills that will help you achieve your potential. After you graduate, NVIT will connect you with employers and help you move into your new working life. AWS re/Start is a full time skills development and job training program that prepares learners for cloud computing careers. The program’s mission is to provide skills and job opportunities to unemployed and underemployed populations.


Why the need to develop Cloud Computing skills?

1. In 2020, the IT and cloud talent shortage continues to grow for the third year in a row

2. Nearly 80% of IT decision makers (up from 68% in 2018 say their teams lack the skills needed to meet their goals.*

3. 68% of IT decision-makers expect new skills gaps to emerge over the next two years* 


Who is the ideal AWS re/Start candidate? 

Meet program eligibility Underrepresented and career transitioning populations, such as: • Unemployed Youth • Unqualified and unemployed professionals • Persons with disabilities • Furloughed workers ✓ Basic math/logic aptitude for IT ✓ Motivation for cloud and re/Start ✓ Demonstrate communication skills, professionalism, interpersonal skills for employability ✓ Commitment to complete program and follow through with job seeking process.


What is the learning journey ?

AWS re/Start learning pathway includes a 12-week intensive training leading to the Cloud Practitioner Certification, followed by a 6-month technical e-learning program :

IT Foundations

• Intro to IT • Linux fundamentals • Network fundamentals • Security fundamentals • Intro to programming • Python programming • Database fundamentals

AWS Cloud • Cloud foundations • Global infrastructure • AWS core services & solutions • Cloud security • Cloud architecting • System operations on AWS • Tooling and automation

Employability Skills • Communication • Teamwork and collaboration • Time management • Interview prep • CV & cover letter

• Digital presence

Post graduation Pathway • Self-paced e-learning • 4/6 month ramp-up • Compatible with a job • 1 to 2h of individual work/ day on average • Associate level • Solution Architect • SysOps • Developer


Duration: 12 weeks


Cost:  Free Training + Exams Voucher + Certificate


NVIT charges an entrance fee of ₦112,000 out of which 12,00  is charged upon enrollment application submission and the balance paid in two installments to be admitted into any program at NVIT . NVIT has rolling admissions; meaning applications are reviewed on a first come, first-serve basis.


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