Aerospace Engineering

Started on September 1, 2022

New Vision Institute of Technology, Nigeria in partnership with Interorbital Systems an American rocket and satellite manufacturer in California, USA is offering a program in Applied Aerospace Engineering  Curriculum, that prepares students to design, build, test, and launch satellites of a new spacecraft size- classes of picosats and nanosats.

Associate degree program in Aerospace Engineering  ( 24 months program)



AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Area of Emphasis: Space Systems

Credits required: 60 Credits from Core Course Selection with a C or better grade average

Degree Objectives:

Aerospace Engineering Associate of Science (AS) AEROSPACE ENGINEERING

Certificate of Emphasis/Micro Bachelor’s Degree/Aerospace 

Engineering NanoSatellite Specialist (can be applied towards a BS in Aerospace
Engineering/ Minor in Space Systems with affiliated transfer schools)

Program Learning Outcomes: Graduates will be self-reliant, highly trained, hand-on engineers capable of identifying, analyzing, and solving all levels of technical aerospace, satellite, and rocket problems. They will be well-versed in advanced manufacturing technologies; spacecraft design and applications; and be knowledgeable about the business and marketing practices of industry they will soon enter. Upon completion of the program, students will
demonstrate basic knowledge of engineering principles of design and analysis and exhibit effective communication skills and ethical behavior demonstrated through their written work, teamwork, project execution, and leadership abilities.

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