NVIT Selected to Train 860 Nigerian Youth in IT Skills with World Bank-Funded FME-IDEAS Project

Empowering Nigeria’s Youth Through Digital Skills Development with World Bank Collaboration

NVIT’s training programs will be delivered as full-time, in-person sessions at its advanced Tech Talent Farm Campus in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria. Each cohort will engage in an intensive 36-week training program beginning on the 8th of January, 2024.

The training will be tailored to the needs of the Nigerian labor market, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge employers seek. Additionally, NVIT will provide career guidance and job placement assistance to help graduates secure employment in the IT industry.

NVIT’s participation in the World Bank-funded IDEAS Project reflects its unwavering commitment to empowering Nigeria’s youth and contributing to its socio-economic development. By providing high-quality IT training and certification, NVIT is investing in the future of Nigeria, equipping its citizens with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age.

  1. NVIT will provide 24 months of IT training to 860 Nigerian youth.
  2. Training will be delivered at NVIT’s Tech Talent Farm Campus in Otukpo Benue State.
  3. The program is open to unemployed and unskilled individuals, physically impaired individuals, and females and males from disadvantaged groups from every state in Nigeria

Addressing Nigeria’s Skills Gap with World Bank Support

Nigeria faces a significant skills gap, with a growing demand for skilled IT professionals and a need for more qualified individuals to fill these roles. This gap hinders the country’s economic development and limits its ability to compete in the global digital economy.

The World Bank, recognizing the importance of addressing this challenge, has stepped in to support the IDEAS Project.

This project addresses the skills gap by providing comprehensive skills development programs that align with industry needs. NVIT’s involvement in the project will focus on training candidates in three critical IT areas:

  1. Applied Cloud Computing and DevOps Engineering: Participants will gain expertise in cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices, enabling them to effectively deploy and manage cloud-based applications.
  2. Applied Software Development & Engineering: This program will equip trainees with the knowledge and skills required to develop and maintain modern software applications using industry-standard methodologies, programming languages, and engineering principles.
  3. Applied Data Science & Web Engineering: Trainees will master data analytics, machine learning, and web development, empowering them to build data-driven solutions and create engaging web experiences.

Apply now to join the movement!

If you are a Nigerian youth or young adult seeking to gain employable skills in the IT industry, we encourage you to apply for NVIT’s IDEAS Project training programs.  Together, with the support of the World Bank, we can empower Nigeria’s youth and drive the nation’s digital transformation.

Disclaimer: This advertisement is subject to the terms and conditions set by NVIT and WORLD BANK FUNDED FME-IDEAS PROJECT. Scholarship availability may vary based on selection criteria.



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