Full Stack Python Development

Duration: 6 months
About Python:
Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the industry. It is favored by companies such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Python’s diversity, adaptability, and elegant, easy-to-master basics set it apart from other programming languages, making it popular for use in web development, machine learning, data science, scientific computation, and cloud infrastructure.
Technologies: Python 3, OOP, Flask, MySQL/POSTGRE SQL, Ajax, Django, APIs, jQuery

Course Outline for Full Stack Python Development

● Describe the advantages of Python programming
● List the steps to install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux
● Describe Integrated Development and Learning Environment (IDLE)
● List the steps to create and run Python code in PyCharm
● Identify the different Python vocabulary terms
● Explain the concept of dynamic typing in Python
● Describe the hierarchy of a Python program
● Identify the built-in data types in Python
● List the functions and methods of different built-in data types
● Explain the different statements that are used in Python
● Describe the different branching and looping statements
● Explain how to use the import statement to access libraries and other functions
● Define functions
● Explain how to create user defined functions
● Explain packages and modules
● Explain namespaces, instance methods, and static methods
● Define class and class methods
● Explain how to access, read, and write files in Python
● Describe pickle and the process to store the objects of Python in files
● Describe list comprehensions
● Explain how to use list comprehensions, such as Lambda, Map, Reduce, and Filter on files
● Describe iterators and iterables
● Explain custom and infinite iterators
● Outline the significance of generators
● List the benefits and uses of generators
● Explain generator expressions
● Explain function and class decorators
● Explain the mechanism of passing arguments to Python functions
● Describe the use of *args and **kwargs
● Describe the significance of Regular Expressions
● Identify the different special characters used in Regular Expressions
● Explain how to extract and match using Regular Expressions
● Describe the concept of serialization in Python
● Describe the uses of pickle module
● Outline the procedure of pickling Python objects
● Describe the importance of exception handling
● Identify the built-in exceptions in Python
● Explain the procedure of raising and catching exceptions in Python
● Explain the procedure of creating and raising user defined exceptions in Python
● Describe the use of assertions in Python
● Describe the Object-oriented Programming (OOP) concepts
● Identify the built-in class attributes
● Explain class inheritance
● Describe the concept of overriding methods
● Describe the concept of overloading methods and operators
● Explain multithreaded programming in Python