Murphy Igbudu- Upskilling at NVIT with the AWS Cloud Computing

Having worked in the Virtual Library Department of Benue State University for fourteen (14) years. And rose through the ranks to Head of Virtual Library at the same University. I have deployed library automation systems, and digitization systems all using open-source software solutions. Also, I am a front-end developer. Currently, I am an AWS re/Start trainee at New Vision Institute of Technology (NVIT) Otukpo.
Irrespective of the fact that I have committed myself 100% to the development of the University System as a Principal Systems Analyst with lots of track records. I started experiencing, delays in Promotions, Salaries, and even Annual Increments. I saw my life stocked in one place. This I have always complained to my close friend # # #Kenneth Shiaki. He now advised me to upskill at NVIT that it could bridge the gap I am currently experiencing as a senior government employee. Today, because of the nice learning environment and competent instructors at NVIT. Within a short time, I have gained a lot of knowledge. Amongst these are creating a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with its subnets, and security groups and configuring Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Identity Access Management (IAM), AWS Cognito, lambda and other AWS-managed services. I have also started learning python from the basics and I am growing till I get to a professional level. I have been working with Linux as a server administrator, but with NVIT I have a deeper understanding of Linux now. This journey has been worthwhile and promising and I remain grateful to God for this step I took. I look forward to greater exploits in my new cloud computing career path. I advise Government Employees that are not happy with what there are doing to up-skill. NVIT IS A PLACE FOR YOU ALL. Read more